MEET: Ashun & Kay-So

Ashun performing “Lonely”

If you’ve never listened to Ashun, then get ready to hear stories of real life filtered through imaginative lyrics and beats that just might make your head nod. This Qatar based Ghanaian Singer, Songwriter and Performer is unmatched when it comes to blending Hip-Hop, Progressive House/Electro (South African and European), Afro Beats, Trap Beats, Reggae and Live instrumentation and if there is one thing you can definitely say about his lyrics, it is apparent that every word, every line comes directly from his heart.

It is good to see a Ghanaian artist do some things differently. His single Some Way, is a house anthem for the ages. Ashun is very candid about the fact that he simply cannot explain how his attraction to a young woman makes him feel. The hook and track (featuring a simple, but crazy syncopated beat) are so infectious. Don’t believe me? Just take a listen and get ready to pump your fist and nod your head.